xp-7 farho heater

xana xp7

The Xana Plus XP7 is our leading range radiator. With wireless capability it gives you ultimate control – you can either remotely control all radiators in your property from the Farho remote, or hook them all up to a Nexho NT system or other wireless devices.

The Xana Plus XP7 is our leading model radiator.its is controlled by means of intuitive menus. the xp radiators allow six different operating schemes per day every day of the week, each of which can be displayed, changed or memorised at any given moment.

The radiators come with the default factory settings, these can be customized to suit the end user’s needs. XP radiators feature a locking keyboard to avoid its use by non-authorized persons or children.

The XP7 length 690mm a height of 590mm and 95mm depth and a weight of 15.5kg and a power 770w and 7 elements and will heat a room 10.94m2 this is base on a ceiling height of 2.4m

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