sh300 water heaters

Water heaters SH 30-150

The SH 30-150 s Water heaters

Delivers high levels of direct hot water convenience to suit your needs. Water heaters the unit features a continuously variable temperature settings and supports both single or multiple draw-off points.

The SH 30 – 150 S Water heaters

Water heaters from farho, electronic series delivers high levels of DHW convenience to your home. It can be installed either as an open system for a single draw-off point or in a sealed system for multiple draw-off points. The units feature a continuously variable temperature setting. The rotary selector can also be used to set a temperature limit at 45/55 and 65 °C.

The most important features about the water heaters

Wall mounted cylinder with 30,50,80,100,120, 150 litres (subject to model)

1.0 – 6.0 kW (subject to model and connection type)

Standby loss 0.45 – 1.05 kWh per day (subject to model)

LED user interface

Electronic heat content display

For open and sealed systems

Signal anode


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