nexho nt

Nexho NT from Farho

Allows you to control your heating wirelessly anywhere in the world from your iphone, laptop, tablet and many more wireless devices. The Nexho NT can also be integrated with other electronics in the home to give you ultimate control quite literally in the palm of your hand.

The Nexho Internet module is the heart of the installation.

It’s necessary to place at least one nexho to control the system.

It doesn’t require an installation, you just need to connect it to your house’s router and to a power supply. As it’s a wireless nexho device you can control it with any phone or device that has a Wi-Fi connection from either inside the house or anyplace with Internet access.

What is it for?

The Internet Module will allow you to control the installation with any device with internet access.

You can control the heating, the lights, the blinds, the hot water system… from your phone, computer or tablet. You can also receive intrusion alarms, flood alarms, fire alarms…


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