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Electric Switch

Electric switch for heater

Part number JSJSLW934  Description Electric Switch Finish White Voltage 230v Radio Frequency 868 Mhz TX Transmitter Y RX Receiver Y Maximum controllers 1 Dimensions (mm) 94x96x22 Weight 160g

The Electric Switch

Can be used to remotely turn on/o any connected electrical devices up to 3000W. The electric switch It can be set to operate thermostatically or as an on/o relay only.

Any connected loads for the must be resistive loads such as immersion heaters, towel rails, electric heaters, lighting circuits or electric gates.

The Switch will allow a connected electric heater, towel rail or other electrical device (maximum 3000W resistive load) to be turned on/o remotely. It has an in-built thermostat which means that current temperatures are constantly monitored and reported.

The Electric Switch can operate a connected device directly, or be scheduled to switch on/o the device once a set temperature is reached. The Switch can be controlled manually or by linking the switch to the LightwaveRF Link and App to enable remote control from a smartphone, tablet or PC. The following section will show you how to use the basic features and how to link the Electric Switch to the App.

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