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Solar Power

Things You Need To Know about Solar power

Solar act as the conversion of sun rise into electricity. The conversion process can be done either with the use of PV or photovoltaic (direct) or with the use of CSP or concentrated solar power (indirect). CSP make use of mirrors and lenses and systems for tracking through focusing on large area of sun rise in a tiny beam. The photovoltaic has the capability to covert the light into an electric current through the use of photovoltaic effect.

A number of countries today have installed important solar into the grids of their homes to serve as an alternative way to the conventional energy sources while an increase on those less develop nations have turned their solar in order to reduce expensive fuels. The long distance transmission allows those energy sources to displace the consumption of fossil fuels.

Photovoltaic is a solar cell

Which converts sun rise into electricity current with the use of photovoltaic effect. The array of PV system gives off DC or direct current in which the intensity of the sunlight usually fluctuates. For a more practical use, it needs some conversion in order to reach the desired AC and voltage by using inverters. There are also multiple solar cells connected in the modules. The modules are connected altogether in order to form arrays and then tied it into an inverter which gives off power in a desired voltage. For the AC, it gives off the desired phase or frequency.

A number of residential PV systems are connected altogether in the available grid most especially in those developed countries. In the PV system which is grid connected, the use of energy storage is optional. In some application like lighthouses, satellites, batteries and power generators, backups are added. The standalone power system allows operations at night as well as in limited sunlight.

The concentrated solar power or CSP is the contrary of photovoltaic wherein its duty is to convert sun light into electricity in a direct manner. CSP is using the hear radiation in order to generate electricity coming from the turbines of conventional steam.

Today, number of concentrating solar technologies exists like the compact linear reflector, the parabolic through, the solar power tower as well as the sterling dish. There are also a number of technologies used in order to track the focus of light and sun. A working system is also present and heated by the sunlight and being used as an energy storage and power generation. The storage of thermal efficiency allows a 24 hour of energy generation.

A parabolic through is consist of a reflector which concentrates light in the receiver which is positioned in the focal line of the reflector. The receiver is a tune which is placed above the parabolic mirror and filled with a working fluid. This reflector is followed by the sun in the hours of day light by tracking it along the axis. Aside from that, it also offers the land factor of any form of solar energy.

The SCP plants are using small strips aside from parabolic mirrors in order to concentrate the sunlight in the tubes of the working fluid. It serves as an advantage of the flat mirror because it can be used with reflectors and placed with the same number of space which allows more sunlight availability. Aside from that, the Fresnel reflectors can be used also in more compact and large plants.

The solar dish of sterling also mixes a concentrating dish with the use of a sterling engine which drives the electric generator. The main advantage of this solar over those cells are very efficient when it comes on the conversion of sun raise into electric current for a longer time.

Solar Power tower is another form of solar which make use of an array of tracking several reflectors like heliostats in concentrating the light into a central receiver located above the tower. It is more cost saving compare to other solar powers. Aside from that, it also offers better and higher energy efficiency and storage capability. PS20 power plant and PS10 solar power are just some examples of this solar power tower technology.

Solar technologies

Have been developed in the early 1860s by doing an experiment with coal that later on becomes scarce. On the early 20th century, the development of solar technologies becomes stagnant in the increasing economy, availability and utility of petroleum and coal.

In the middle of 1990s, the development of both commercial and residential rooftop solar and power stations started to emerge because of the supply issues with regards on natural gas, oil and concerns about global warming. The PV’s improvement of economic position also contributes on the energy technologies.

As of today, the growth of solar PV all over the world becomes driven by the deployment of Europe but later on, it was shifted in Asia most especially in Japan and Asia as well a t the growing regions and countries located all over the world which includes Canada, Australia, India, Chile, Mexico, Israel, South Africa, Thailand, South Korea as well as United States.

The growth of PV all over the world

Reaches an installed capacity which reaches 139 GW. The CSP or the concentrated solar power also begins to grow very fast and its capacity increases for about tenfold from the year 204 up to the year 2013. It come from the lower level and later on it involves some countries. In the end of the year 2013, the capacity of CSP all over the world was able to reach about 3, 465 MW.

The data above only prove how great solar power is when it comes on saving money spent for paying electric bills. The conversion of sun raise into electric current only shows how great solar technology is. It does not only lessen the electric bills of people all over the globe but it also help in protecting our environment because the use of solar power is very environment friendly which helps in preserving the word we live.

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