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The advent of technology paved way on the development and innovations in the society. Unlike before, it is now easier to make one’s home even more comfortable and safe to live in. If you are one of the many homeowners who always want to get the best for your family, you are probably searching for effective ways to turn your ultimate vision into reality. Most of the homeowners nowadays pay attention to their home’s power control, lighting, and heating. This is the main reason why Megaman lightwave rf is dedicated to proving high quality products that will help homeowners the most.

Lightwave RF Megaman is the new smart home technology range, which primarily lets the users to control the power, heating, and lighting all from the tablet or smartphone. This allows individuals to look right after their own home with their phone wherever they are as long as they have an internet access everything is made simple.

Lightwave RF is the range of intelligent sensors, sockets, radiator valves, and smarter dimmers. While they work and look like the ordinary dimmers, sockets or valves, they will definitely change the way people control the power, lighting, and heating in home forever.

What are the LightwaveRF products?

The LightwaveRF Megaman products are the revolution of power control, lighting, and heating. These are made even better because they can be installed even without re-wiring. Tablet or smartphone controls them thus providing full control anywhere.

If certain lamp fails, it means that the other lamps will stay in the current position and will not be able to change right until there is a certain load on the channels. Megaman is working very hard in order to increase special combination of moving forward. Megaman now sells the compatible LED Strip as well as drivers that primarily run on Lightwave Dimmer switch that can be controlled between one up to ten meters.

The energy efficient controls from the LightwaveRF Megaman have been utilized in conjunction with the energy saving lamps from Megaman.

LightwaveRF Megaman is convenient and easy to control. Handheld remotes, smartphones, or PIR sensors, IPod touch or IPad control all the LightwaveRF products. The best thing is that with the standard-box depth, they can be retrofitted. There is no need for re-wiring.

All you need is to replace the existing sockets and switches for a home of full remote control. Using this would simply mean that the smarter phones are now within your reach. This has a retrofit technology responsible for allowing the users to kick start with just a socket, a room, or even a whole house thus making it more cost-effective and most of all affordable for most homeowners.

LightwaveRF Megaman Dimmers

Lightwave RF Megaman designer range of the soft start dimmer switches available in black chrome, chrome, and white finishes. They are all compatible with different LED lamps, such as Megaman. The dimmer switches primarily utilize the existing wiring circuits in one’s home for easy process of installation. This can be manually or remotely controlled using remote, LightwaveFR, and wirefree switch (neat and battery powered switch, which can be positioned anywhere within your home).

LightwaveRF Megaman Heating Controls and Energy Monitoring

LightwaveRF heating range is the part of new professional series that features both high performance ARM processors and advanced electronics. LightwaveRF Megaman thermostatic valves primarily works in combination with the LightwaveRF boiler switch in order to give heating system that is fully remote controlled at a very low cost.

The radiator can be controlled individually from either tablet or smartphone. Set up and at the same time manage heating from comfort of your own armchair with the use of tablet or smartphone app. In addition, you can also make weekly profiles. Monitor and set temperature in a real-time and most of all save energy with the use of magnetic trigger in order to detect the open windows as well as turn down each radiator. Use LightwaveRF Megaman energy monitor in order to measure real-time home energy use and then display it right on your own tablet or smartphone.

LightwaveRF Megaman Door Chimes

Let the LightwaveRF Megaman door chimes link to LightwaveRF receivers. These alert that someone is right at the door. For instance, you, may link to the LightwaveRF dimmer and so the lights will instantly flash. This is indeed the best solution for people hard of hearing.

LightwaveRF Megaman Power Control

The ultra slim line along with the double sockets helps to match range of dimmer switches in chrome, stainless steel, white metal, or black chrome. The LED status lights mainly show at a glance if the socket is turned on or off. The socket primarily offers a full remote control such as group and “all-off” control. In addition to that, this is fully compatible with the LightwaveRF Megaman controller or even with tablet or smartphone via Lightwave Link. Each of the sockets is rated at 13 amps and most of all approved to the BS 1364.

Plugging and playing the sockets will give handful of benefits of the remote control in matter of seconds even without re-wiring it at all. All you need is to plug them in the existing standard socket in order to give an instant control, dimming, mood lighting, and grouping. The dimmers can handle up to an amount of 300 W. The “on or off” socket on the other hand, can be utilized in order to switch the devices that are rated up to 3000W.

Homeowners will never have difficulties when it comes to finding what the best for their home is. LightwaveRF Megaman gave new image on what a modern home is and this is all because of the LightwaveRF products. There is no reason not to make your home safe and comfortable for the whole family. The LightwaveRF products would serve as your partner in making your home as the safest place where you can spend more time with your family. So, what are you waiting for? Take your home into the next level using the excellent LightwaveRF products. Get ready to experience unique home that you can be very proud of.