ground source heat pumps

Ground Source Heat Pumps

The benefits you can get from ground source heat pumps

A lot of people these days are using ground source heat pumps to heat as well as cool their residential homes because it is a great way to reduce their heating costs or bills. Although it is a fact that humble boiler dominates most of home’s heating systems out there, the ground source heat pumps is the best alternative that is really worth looking into. Aside from being environment-friendly, this particular kind/ source of heat pumps are really the best and cost-effective solution to your boiler alternative. In addition to that, you can also get numerous benefits from it that you will surely find very beneficial to you.

What is a ground source heat pumps? 

As we all know, the ground acts as a very large and effective store of heat energy and this energy can be used as a heat source during winter or a heat sink during the summer season. Our mother earth, especially the ground, can be used to effectively moderate the temperature in edifice or buildings that are standing on it. One of the equipment that we can use to extract the heat energy from the ground during winter and then transfer it into the buildings is the ground source heat pumps.

Ground source heat pumps use pipes which are buried to extract heat right from the ground. Then this heat can be used to heat underfloor, heat radiators or warm air heating systems as well as hot water in a certain home. This particular equipment circulates a mixture of antifreeze and water around a loop of pipe which is called ground loop and it is buried in the garden. The heat from the ground will be absorbed right into the fluid and will then passes through the heat exchanger and right into the heat pump. With the fact that the ground stays at a constant temperature under its surface, it is good to know that the ground source heat pumps can be effectively used throughout the whole year.

You can also reverse the heat pumps during the summer season to provide cooling. The length of the ground loop that one will use will depend on the size of his home and as well as the amount of heat that he need. The longer loops can efficiently draw more heat right from the ground but it is given also that it would require more space where it can be buried in. If the space in your home is just limited, you must prefer to drill a vertical borehole instead. The only energy that is used by the ground source heat pumps is electricity in order to power the circulation pumps and compressor which transfer the heat or cold energy from the ground right into the building.

The benefits of using ground source heat pumps

It is environment-friendly.

Ground source heat pumps provide a clean, reliable, emission-free and safe way to cool or heat buildings because it is free of carbon emissions on the site. It makes use of the solar energy that is stored right in the ground in order to provide an energy-efficient way off heating as well as cooling buildings. This particular pumps are very much suitable for a wide variety of properties and buildings and are 100% appropriate for different low environmental impact projects.

This heat pumps are installed by using a shallow trenches or borehole by extracting heat from the ground, pond, sea or lake. The heat collecting pipes in the closed loop contains water that is used to extract the stored solar energy in the ground which you can use to provide domestic hot water and space heating.

It is very much cost-effective.

You can save a large amount of money when you opt for ground source heat pumps . Though they will cost more than the conventional heating system in installing it, it is still very cost-efficient because you can use it in the long run and it has a very low maintenance costs. Aside from that, they also demand much less effort and work than the biomass boilers because they can be fully automated.

You can effectively save space.

Round source heat pumps is the best for you if you have a very little space because there are no any fuel storage requirements. With that being said, you can heave a sigh of relief and have a peace of mind knowing that there is no need for you to manage fuel deliveries and risks of fuel being stolen will never be a burden to you with the fact that there is no any fuel storage requirements. This particular heat pumps are not only beneficial because they require less maintenance but they are also advantageous to have because they have a much longer life than the combustion boilers. The reason behind this is that the ground heat exchanger elements of a certain ground source heat pump installation have a specialized design life of more than 50 long years.

The heat pumps are completely safe to use.

With the fact that there are no fuels required, you are assured that it is very much safe to use and, in addition to that, there is no emission of dangerous gases and as well as no combustion involved.

It is like hitting two birds with one stone when you have a ground source heat pumps.

This particular kind off heat pumps is not only very beneficial and useful during the winter season because they can also be very useful during the summer season because such heat pumps provide cooling during summer and heating in winter.

It does not require any planning permission.

The reason behind it is that ground source heat pumps are silent, out of sight and unobtrusive.

Such heat pumps use only a renewable resource.

These heat pumps are the only available renewable energy technology so far that can effectively benefit right from the thermal energy storage properties of the ground to recycle heat energy from the summer season to winter.

A ground source heat pump will increase the sale value of a property.