Benefits Of Electric Heating

Electric heating

Electric thermo fluid heating

Safety first

Gas central heating systems burn fuel onsite and can carry the safety risks of leaks.  Gas leaks can lead to carbon monoxide poisoning and potentially explosions. The copper pipe work can corrode over time and may become susceptible to leaks. This can be quite damaging to the property and time consuming repairs if the pipes are underfloor. Properties which are vacant can be of concern especially over the winter period. Electrical central heating does not carry these risks and it can be argued that it is safer.

Comfortable healthy heat

The heat from a Farho electric radiator radiates multi directionally. This natural convection spreads warmth into the room. As heated air is not forced around the room, like storage heaters, dust and particles are not disturbed making for a healthier living space.

Farho electric central heating does not dampen or dry out the air, it supplies a natural healthy heat. Also  with Farho electric central heating, oxygen in the air is not burned which can lead to fumes and odours and staining of surfaces.

Low carbon homes legislation

The worlds governments are pushing to reduce our carbon emissions. Building Regulations Part L deals with the Conservation of Fuel and Power from Buildings. “Approved Document L” was last updated in 2006 and compliance is now based on buildings not exceeding a calculated maximum level of CO² emissions per m² of floor area, per year. Using electric heating reduces the homes CO2 footprint substantially.

Further changes to Part L will come over the next 8 years, reducing the target level each time until we get to 2016 where all new homes will have to be “zero carbon”